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If you want to control home energy costs, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort by raising or lowering the temperature in the entire house. You can accomplish the goal of lowering your energy bills and customize the temperature in different areas of your home by zoning your heating and air conditioning system. At Quick Solutions Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer installation of thermostats and zoning systems in Garland and surrounding areas.

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Zoning HVAC Systems

Zoning the system refers to creating separate zones for heating and air conditioning. Each zone of the system is controlled by a separate thermostat. This allows you to set different temperatures for each area of your home. For example, you can direct the heat or cool air to the area of your home that is most used, while restricting the flow of warm or cool air in the areas that are used less frequently.

Required components for HVAC zoning include:

  • Thermostats – A thermostat measures the temperature in different areas of the home and signals the control panel to start the heating or air conditioning system when the room is warmer or colder than the temperature you have set.
  • Zone Control Panel – The control panel is connected to the equipment and communicates with the components to control the zoning of your system.
  • Zone Dampers – The dampers are installed in the ducts to control air flow to the various zones of the house. Each damper is wired to a certain zone and opens and closes to respond to the thermostat for that zone.

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Our technicians can create a zoned system for your home based on the layout, specific requirements of your physical building, and your own preferences. We offer free estimates for installation of thermostats and zoning in Garland and can provide you with recommendations that best suit your specific needs. Let us come to your home, explain the options, and plan a system that is customized to you.

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