Should I Replace My Heater Before Winter Starts?

With winter right around the corner, the last thing you want to happen is to turn your heater for the first time this season and find out it’s broken. Your heater is an expensive appliance, and when you need to repair it, you want to make sure you’re making the right decisions for your system. An essential part of making the right decisions for your heating system is choosing the right service provider to advise you. When deciding whether you should repair your heater or replace it, there are four important questions you should ask yourself before deciding the next steps for your heater.

4 Signs Your Old Systems Needs to be Replaced

When you have to repair your heating unit constantly, or when it has to run all day to warm your home, it’s bad for both you, your heater, and your home. It’s very expensive for starters, and secondly, it’s likely your home is never comfortable and cozy, which is bad for you. While we understand that replacement costs may seem expensive, you will save hundreds of dollars each month you use your heater, which adds up over time.

Ask yourself these four questions to decide if you need to repair or replace your heater:

  1. Is your system over ten years old?

If your heating system is very old, then you may be able to stop at question one! While a well-maintained system can last 15 years or more, an older unit begins to lose efficiency and dependability. So, even if you have taken great care of your heater, if it requires regular repairs that are major overhauls instead of minor tune-ups, you may need to consider replacing your system. You don’t want to spend the financial equivalent of a new system each year. Older heaters are prone to breakdowns, and if each repair represents a significant amount of money, replacing the heater could be the cheaper alternative to repair.

  1. Are you repairing your system multiple times per season?

Piggybacking off question number one, if you are making small repairs to your heater once per year, that may be a sign you should consider a maintenance plan that cleans your system and checks all wires and components for wear and tear. Preventative maintenance could be cheaper than yearly repairs and better for your system. However, if you repair your heater multiple times per season, you should consider speaking to a trusted service provider and finding out how your repairs compare in price to a new heating unit. If you pay multiple times per season for costly repairs, then a replacement unit may be the more prudent financial choice.

  1. Is your system keeping you comfortable?

Your indoor comfort is a major consideration when deciding whether or not to replace your heater. If your current system works inconsistently even when repaired, you may want to invest in a system that will keep you nice and warm this winter. When your heater is working optimally, you should be able to set your thermostat and depend on it to reach the desired temperature in a timely fashion. If your heater is struggling to keep your home warm or if you notice your heater needs to run constantly to achieve your chosen temperature, your heater may be too worn to heat your home effectively.

  1. Do your energy bills align with your usage?

When you open your utility bills during the winter, are you jolted by the amount of your energy spending? If your energy costs are unusually higher than in previous winters, it could be a sign your system is overworking to achieve the desire temperature settings on your thermostat. When your heating system struggles to achieve your comfortable home temperature setting, that means your heater is adding many kilowatt-hours to your household energy consumption.

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If you have taken good care of your heater, you can likely repair your system and keep going as you have been, but as your system continues to age, it will only become more expensive to operate. Maintaining indoor comfort at a reasonable cost is the most important goal of your heating system. Suppose you worry about turning on your heating system because the cost of operation has grown financially burdensome. In that case, you need to call the professionals at Quick Solutions Air Conditioning & Heating. We can work with you to find the perfect replacement system. Our honest and trustworthy specialists can advise you on the right system to fit your needs.

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