How to Prep Your HVAC Systems for Winter

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It can take some time for Texas to start feeling the full effects of winter, but when we do, homes can really feel the chill. When the season hits and it’s time to turn on your heater, you want to make sure it is operating at peak efficiency. Instead of dealing with costly breakdowns in the dead of winter, get your HVAC system ready now, so you can feel comfortable at home all year long. Our team at Quick Solutions Air Conditioning & Heating has extensive knowledge of all makes and models of heaters and air conditioners and are here to share 5 ways you can prepare your HVAC systems for winter.

5 ways to prep your heater and AC unit for winter:

  1. Schedule preventative maintenance on your heater: While performing a simple visual inspection can help you remove anything blocking your furnace, heater, or heat pump, it won’t provide you with the actionable advice needed to keep your system running smoothly when you need it most. Our skilled professionals will perform a detailed inspection, as well as clean, lubricate, and perform small repairs if needed.
  2. Winterizing your AC system: This quick and underutilized process can really save your AC system when the weather heats back up again. Simply start by removing debris, then make sure your system is powered off, ensure your pipes are insulated to avoid freezing, and cover the unit so no excess moisture gets into your unit.
  3. Check your home’s insulation: Even if your heater is running at peak efficiency, you can lose all your warm air out through leaks and cracks in your space. Evaluating your attic, door and window seals, and ducts can help you spot potential areas for improvement.
  4. Clean your ductwork: Your ductwork acts as the transport system for your heated air, and if they are clogged with dust and debris, you could be losing this conditioned air before it ever reaches you. Cleaning your ductwork will also be a good opportunity to check for any leaks or kinks in the ducts.
  5. Update your thermostat: Your heater doesn’t work in isolation. Because older thermostats are unreliable, it can cause your system to work harder, cycle on and off more frequently, and lead to quicker breakdowns. Luckily, there are newer models on the market that can save you money on energy bills and even pair with your smartphone.

Your Partner in Prepping for Winter

With over a decade of experience serving homes throughout Plano and surrounding areas, we know what it takes to keep you cozy at home all year long. Our team at Quick Solutions Air Conditioning & Heating is here to help you prepare your HVAC systems for even the harshest conditions. If for some reason, your heating system isn’t performing the way you need it to, we are available for emergency repairs.

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