How to Tell if Your Home AC Compressor Is Bad

Thermostat and AC. How to Tell if Home AC Compressor Is Bad

Is Your Home AC Compressor Bad? 

bad home ac compressorThe AC compressor is an essential part of your air conditioner unit. It is the component pushes the warm air from outside through the evaporator coils, which in turn activates the refrigerant to cool the air. The compressor is vital when it comes to cooling your home, which is why if it’s broken, your AC is essentially useless. You can prevent this from happening by looking out for warning signs of a failing compressor. 

4 Signs of a Bad Home HVAC Compressor

Sign 1. Moisture around Your Unit

The first sign of a bad AC compressor is a puddle, or water, around an AC unit. It is possible for your unit to leak refrigerant from the compressor. This can be incredibly hazardous since it can contaminate your air and cause headaches, coughing, nausea, irritated eyes, and more. Eventually, your unit will stop working as the chemical leaks completely out of your machine. If you see moisture around your unit, immediately schedule a repair service.

Sign 2. What does a bad AC compressor sound like?

When in doubt, follow your ear. A noisy air conditioner is usually a good indication that something is wrong. A bad AC compressor sounds like a hard-start when the air conditioner is turned on. As it struggles to turn on, it will create a ticking, chattery sound. This is usually a clear indication that the electric relay switch is wearing out and needs to be replaced by a professional.

A bad AC compressor can also sound like a rumbling or clicking noise when you turn on your air conditioner. This is a sign that you could be experiencing a different issue with your compressor. Typically that sound is associated with the compressor motor mounts failing. When this happens, the motor that pushes cool air into the compressor is loose and rattles around in your unit. A Plano AC repair specialist can easily fix the problem.

Sign 3. Blowing Warm Air

Another way to tell if your AC compressor is bad is that it could be blowing air, but not at the temperature you want. A compressor that is low on refrigerant is going to continue to function and push air through the system, but be unable to cool it. You probably don't need to ask how to tell if your AC compressor is bad when you notice that you're only getting warm air, especially on a hot day. It's as clear of a sign of a bad AC compressor that you're going to get.

Sign 4. Slow Air Flow

If your AC just isn’t able to produce air flow, it could be because your compressor can’t produce enough cold air. When this happens, you can hear that the air conditioner is running but not producing any air. This may or may not be a sign of a bad AC compressor. It's important to get a second opinion from an HVAC professional since poor air flow could also be a sign of dirty air ducts, which would require an air duct cleaning service.

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